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Kelty Lakota 85 Backpack

Kelty Lakota 85 Backpack – Review

This pack was overall awesome. It was big enough. 85 liters is a large pack and I was also able to strap on a tent on the outside bottom in addition to two sleeping bags and all the other gear and clothes for two people… or at least 1.5 people.

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Fatherhood: It’s Not You It’s Me

Objectively I can admit that there is no correct way for parents to act as it relates to dealing with difficult situations and reacting to one’s environment that is incorrect for children. I have to change myself if I want to change my children and set them up for success

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Family Dinner

This One Simple Thing Will Help Your Children Avoid Misbehaviors

That is right, doing this one simple thing will help your children avoid: drugs, obesity, alcohol, cigarettes, depression, inadequate grades, eating disorders, and teen pregnancies. Today our families are under attack from about every walk of life. Full schedules, media, computers, drugs, etc. are all taking away from family time and diminishing bonds of unity. […]

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