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The Manly Argument for Gardening

gardenI can think of a lot of reasons why I shouldn’t do any gardening. Beyond it being generally considering a female oriented activity I’m also a busy guy as most dads generally are. Being outside a few times a week to water, weed, prune, plant, or harvest just doesn’t really appeal to me. Recently however as my wife has decided we are having a garden I’ve been coming around to the idea. This is why:

Having a Garden Is Cost Effective

Growing your own vegetables and fruits etc is more economic than buying from the store. In fact each year your garden becomes more economic than the previous year because so many of your plants will come back year after year and spread yielding more and more harvest.

Gardening Is A Healthy Activity For Children

I’m always looking for activities that are safe and healthy that can get the family outdoors together. This way is immediately available and the children really love watching the garden grow.

Growing Food Is a Another Type of Food Storage

We are big into food storage in our family. We believe in being self-sustaining and having at least a year of food in storage. This storage makes it easier to buy food in bulk discounts and it is available should I lose my job or should there be some type of natural disaster that makes food less available for a time. Gardening is a built in food storage system that adds healthy and fresh food to the existing storage.

Growing Your Own Food is More Healthy

I don’t buy into all the drama around how foods are laced with poisons and how if you don’t eat and drink organic only foods and dairy products you will get cancer. That said, there is no debate that home grow vegetables are more healthy and do contain less preservatives etc.

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