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How Bright Does Your Ride Shine?

Do you know how to properly take care of your paint job? Are you getting the most shine out of your ride? A few years working as a detail manager I learned a few easy tricks in really making a car shine.

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Easy Way To Renew A Deck

This process of renewing a deck will work on any wood deck, including cedar, redwood and pressure treated lumber. The only special tools you will need are a pressure washer and a foam applicator pad

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Car Tire

Proper Tire Care And Maintenance

All tires lose air, so check your tires monthly. Always use the same tire pressure gauge and check the air pressure first thing in the morning, not after you’ve driven on them or they’ve been sitting in the hot sun.

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Finished garden box with chicken wire

A Squirrel Proof Garden Box

So, this year we decided to build garden boxes and fully enclose them with chicken wire (technical term is Poultry Netting) to ensure the squirrels can’t access our food. There are some other distinct advantages of garden boxes.

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pallet fence

The Pallet Fence Project

So, about 2 hours with a friend on a Saturday behind a warehouse and we were able to knock apart enough wood from pallets to fill up the Forester. This was the most difficult work of the entire project. A good crowbar helped but be warned this isn’t fun.

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How to Build a Toy Box

I’m not generally a very handy guy but I recently decided that I wanted to build something for my daughter. Since she needed a toy box anyone and a square cube sounded like something I could deal with I moved forward with the toy box plan.

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How To Replace or Install a Garbage Disposal

I’m wouldn’t count myself as the handiest guy in the world but I can handle the garbage disposal and you can too. Of all the appliances in the house this one is easier to install than the washer machine. The short version: screw it on and plug it in.

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