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Don’t Rain On Their Parade – Critical For Their Future

My kids have so much enthusiasm. They get super pumped about some new clothes, toys, or new kind of bird in the back yard. This enthusiasm is amazingly healthy. As children get older that enthusiasm becomes passion. Passion is listed at the very top of the list of attributes that American employers are looking for in new hires. The emerging work force is more empathetic, entitled, and uncommitted than most of us were when we entered our first jobs.

Play with childrenPassion cannot be taught. Think about a coworker you know who just doesn’t seem to care or exhibit any creativity or desire. How easy is that to change? Passion is natural to children. They are fueled everyday with excitement and passion for everything in their world. How can you fuel the flames?

Don’t rain on their parade. When your children are pumped about showing you something or doing something don’t crush them by showing frustration over the mess they made or anger about how they ignored your request or didn’t finish their homework.

Fuel the flames by giving them opportunities to play and by playing with them. You most likely already know what your kids are passionate about right? Ask them questions about it. Learn more about it so you can share in some degree in the excitement. Passion and excitement are contagious and you can feel it too.

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