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Content Contribution Rules

Rules: In order to keep this clean I have to lay in some ground rules. Here you go:

  • Blatant¬†product endorsements. We want to encourage that Dads talk about the gear they use but if you have any relationship with the manufacturer, distributor, or business you would be required to disclose it and know that we are less likely to publish content in these circumstances.
  • Links: We are not a tool for other marketers to use to increase their links or SEO. If you contribute, you do so to help the readers learn and grow. Its ok to include your name and a little about yourself but keep the links and marketing out of it.
  • All content must be original. Even if you are the original author we cannot approve any content that has already been or will be published somewhere else online.
  • In addition to the above guidelines we do reserve the right to moderate and approve all content that is published. Thanks in advance for understanding!

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