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Family Fun

The Power of Family Fun and Games

Children’s brains develop rapidly during their early years. Children are constantly learning about the world around them and their brains are making important connections that will help them be successful as they grow older. Preschoolers are expanding their skills and abilities by trying new things, testing boundaries and asking questions about everything! They are developing […]

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Proactive Time with My Children

We all know that we need to spend time with our children but how often do we proactively work toward creating memories. Sitting around the house watching TV or working on the computer while the children are in the room is not family time. The valuable time comes when you decide to make a memory.

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biking as a family

What Does It Mean to Have a Family Culture of Fitness

I don’t know that a family has to have a “thing” that they do together that is healthy. More important is just creating a culture where activity and fitness are important. I think that as parents and as fathers we have a lot to do with that. Here are a few final thoughts along those […]

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