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Discover and Leverage Your Child’s Strengths

The most successful people in our society tend to be REALLY good at a few core things. Even the most successful companies tend to only be REALLY good at a few core things. If we want to prepare our children to find a high level of success we need to help them strengthen their strengths […]

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Fatherhood: It’s Not You It’s Me

Objectively I can admit that there is no correct way for parents to act as it relates to dealing with difficult situations and reacting to one’s environment that is incorrect for children. I have to change myself if I want to change my children and set them up for success

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3 Ways To Be Remembered As The Best Dad Ever

I’ve come to realize that my highest priority goals in life are to have a very happy marriage (I’m 7 years in and couldn’t be happier), and children that think of me as the best dad ever. I’m still learning, but I have a few tips you can implement right away that will certainly have […]

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Stranger Danger

Talking to Your Kids About Strangers

Its very difficult for children to fully understand that people might actually want to cause harm to them. This darker world doesn’t exist as part of their reality until they are much older in life. Leverage existing things in their life such as villains in their cartoons or stories to help explain that there is […]

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