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Dad Delivers Son At Interstate Roadside

RoadsideThere is nothing more motivating in life than becoming a first-time Father. There are several momentous events that you will always remember in life, but none like the vivid details of the emotions felt on the day your small infant first entering this world. I would like to recognize a local dad here in Colorado who delivered his son on the roadside of I-25 yesterday and made this moment this father will never forget. It happened just after 8:00 am Sunday morning, a woman gave birth to a baby boy on Interstate 25. The family was on the way to Pouder Valley Hospital when the baby just could not wait. Directed over the phone by the 911 operator, the Father delivered the baby at roadside. Shortly after delivery, the Colorado State Patrol arrived, transporting them by ambulance to Pouder Valley. What I really found amazing is that the vehicle used to deliver the baby was a Ford Focus. I personally own a Focus and the idea of accomplishing such a task is absolutely mind-blowing.  Here is to you, our new Roadside Delivery Dad. Congratulations and a job well done. Way to represent dads!

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