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Quality Dad Time: Try Brushing Your Teeth Together


DSC_0135Is getting your little one to brush their teeth a never-ending battle? How is your childrens dental health and are you brushing long enough? Growing up, I had the the pleasure of visiting the dentist like most children however; along side the dentist was the assistance of my mother. My mother was a dental assistant and she instilled in us proper dental hygiene as very young children. I have put together a brief toothbrushing toolkit to help aid you in making brushing fun and to help answer some of the commonly asked questions regarding children oral hygiene.

The first piece of advice that I would give is to brush your teeth together for better health and bigger smiles. Brushing your teeth together as a family is a great habit. When you lead by example, it’s easy to teach your kids that brushing can be simple and fun.

To help aid you in your brushing quests, I have included a few links to videos that I absolutely love and I know you will too.

Children’s teeth toolkit:

Sesame Street Super Teeth

This website has so many fun videos. My favorite is Captain Super-Ultra-Mega-Smile-Man

This is a great website not only for videos, but printable sticker charts and other usefull tools

Super-Slick Teeth Apps:

Time 2 Brush

Teaches children how to brush their teeth as a timer counts down from two minutes with a catchy song.


Brush DJ

Plays two minutes of music from your library while you race against time to get your childrens teeth clean. Also, you are able to set reminders to brush and floss, change your toothbrush every three months and visit your dentist.


Star Teeth

Everyday, let your child pick a new brushing buddy


Like many lessons in life, maintaining a healthy smile takes practice and consistency. You have such a small part to play in this process, but your influence is enormous. Remember to be consistent. Don’t give up, and and above all. . . have fun!

Don’t forget to floss!


What kind of toothbrushing successes or stories have you had?



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