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5 Reasons To Let Dad Take Care Of The Kids

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5 Reasons To Let Dad Take Care Of The Kids

It may be natural for moms to rush to meet every need their kids have. Women are nurturers by nature, after all. But dads have a lot to offer in all phases of parenting, too. Take a look at these reasons to let dad handle the kids more.

1. Dads play differently. Dads are more likely to startle children and get them excited, and like to rough-house more than moms. Both of these types of play are beneficial in building a child’s self-confidence and willingness to take risks, according to recent research. (Cambridge University)

2. Dads communicate differently. Studies show that dads are less indulgent with the nonverbal cues, crying and whining. Fathers tend to challenge younger children to use words more to express themselves, increasing the cognitive abilities of children as young as two. (Cambridge University)

3. Dads challenge, moms calm. There are exceptions to every rule, but generally speaking, moms react to stress in their children by trying to calm them and ease the stress, while dads may more naturally react by encouraging their kids to overcome the problem, or rise to the occasion. Both are important facets of building confident, capable kids.

4. Dads develop secure daughters. It’s a fact that girls who have a strong relationship with their fathers are less likely to be sexually active as teens than those who don’t. Girls gain confidence from the dad-daughter relationship that leaves them less hungry for the attention of boys, and less vulnerable. (Journal of Marriage and Family, 1994)

5.  Dads appreciate moms’ trust. The respect and trust that you show for your husband when you turn over the parenting reigns can improve your marriage, as well. Couples who cooperate together learn to value one another and spouses and parents, and have a stronger relationship overall.

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One Response to 5 Reasons To Let Dad Take Care Of The Kids

  1. Todd January 2, 2014 at 9:00 am #

    Great post Matt! We need dads to be more involved with their children and you have just given us 5 more reasons why.

    Keep up the good work.

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