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I grew up with a hard working father who was willing and determined to do whatever it took to provide for his family and allow an environment where my mother could stay at home with me and my siblings. Being the oldest of five children, I was able to truly admire my father’s dedication to his work and family. I remember many times riding in the camper of my dads 18 wheeler watching him shift through gears, talk on his CB radio, learn about jake brakes, and how to back up to loading docks. I thought as a young kid that my dad truly had the best job in the world. I was quickly reminded that this was not the case; with a humbling amount of furniture pads to fold and a loving amount of cardboard boxes to break down.

I learned many things later in my youth and one of those things was that I no longer wanted to aspire to become a truck driver rather; I wanted to aspire to be a hard worker, a provider, and a father. This of course had a significant impact on me in my youth and continues to remain what I strive to become. Now that I am a father of two girls under the age of four, I find myself adapting to the role of a stay at home parent. Fortunately my experience as the eldest made me no stranger to cooking, cleaning, diapers, or spit up. I have quickly learned that this stay at home job of mine requires significant labor, dedication, patience, and love.

Times are a changin’! The number of stay-at-home dads is rising steadily and approaching 200,000, while the Boston College Center for Work and Family reports that more and more men are placing an increased emphasis on gaining work/life flexibility in their jobs. I am passionate about my family and kids and my role as a father. I have discovered that no matter the profession; stay-at-home dad or not, our first responsibility is being a Dad first.

Outstanding dad’s are rarely exemplified or even positively portrayed in the media. Because actions do tend to speak louder than words at times,  this is my small attempt in taking action at highlighting the good in dad’s. It is my hope that this blog will provide valuable content inspired by dads, for dads. Let us stand together and represent!

As you discuss material online that can help support, guide, and teach dads we encourage you to use the hashtag #representingdads

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