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Happy Halloween Safety Tips

Be Smart About Family Halloween Safety

Did you know that children are more than twice as likely to be hit by a car and killed on Halloween than on any other day of the year? According to Smart911¬†a company dedicated to home, personal, and pet safety¬†recommends 5 halloween safety tips to prevent tragedy this Halloween season. 1. Take a digital photo […]

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Family Dinner

This One Simple Thing Will Help Your Children Avoid Misbehaviors

That is right, doing this one simple thing will help your children avoid: drugs, obesity, alcohol, cigarettes, depression, inadequate grades, eating disorders, and teen pregnancies. Today our families are under attack from about every walk of life. Full schedules, media, computers, drugs, etc. are all taking away from family time and diminishing bonds of unity. […]

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Proactive Time with My Children

We all know that we need to spend time with our children but how often do we proactively work toward creating memories. Sitting around the house watching TV or working on the computer while the children are in the room is not family time. The valuable time comes when you decide to make a memory.

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