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Easy Way To Renew A Deck

This process of renewing a deck will work on any wood deck, including cedar, redwood and pressure treated lumber. The only special tools you will need are a pressure washer and a foam applicator pad

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Family Fun

The Power of Family Fun and Games

Children’s brains develop rapidly during their early years. Children are constantly learning about the world around them and their brains are making important connections that will help them be successful as they grow older. Preschoolers are expanding their skills and abilities by trying new things, testing boundaries and asking questions about everything! They are developing […]

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Family Dinner

This One Simple Thing Will Help Your Children Avoid Misbehaviors

That is right, doing this one simple thing will help your children avoid: drugs, obesity, alcohol, cigarettes, depression, inadequate grades, eating disorders, and teen pregnancies. Today our families are under attack from about every walk of life. Full schedules, media, computers, drugs, etc. are all taking away from family time and diminishing bonds of unity. […]

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New Year Resolution Realignment

The end of the first month in the year 2014 is about to be in the past. How are those resolutions and goals going for the year so far? Are they still goals of yours? I feel that the month end gives me a chance to reevaluate how my goals are going and recalibrate myself […]

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