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Tony Dungy's Favorite Peyton Manning Dad Story

Tony Dungy’s Favorite Peyton Manning Dad Story

Football is an all-american sport and definitely a favorite of mine. It is fun to love them and it is fun to hate them however hidden from the cameras and the media, is an athlete’s family. Growing up in the suburbs just outside of Denver, I had the opportunity of knowing several professional athletes and […]

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3 Ways To Be Remembered As The Best Dad Ever

I’ve come to realize that my highest priority goals in life are to have a very happy marriage (I’m 7 years in and couldn’t be happier), and children that think of me as the best dad ever. I’m still learning, but I have a few tips you can implement right away that will certainly have […]

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fire alarm

Building A Family Emergency Kit

Recently parts of our country have suffered from flooding, wildfires, and other natural disasters that have driven people from their homes. It is along those thoughts that I wanted to share some great videos that talk about building a family emergency kit. These short and helpful videos outline many of the important things you need […]

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Immunization Time

August is National Immunization Month

Did you know that August is National Immunization Month?Everyone age 6 months and older needs a seasonal flu shot every year. Other shots work best when they are given at certain ages. Find out what shots your child or teen may need by visiting – Once you visit the site, you will be able […]

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The Mask You Live In - Coming 2014

The Mask You Live In – Coming 2014

The Mask You Live In – Coming in 2014 From the director of Miss Representation – an exploration of American masculinity. Compared to girls, research shows that boys in the U.S. are more likely to be diagnosed with a behavior disorder, prescribed stimulant medications, fail out of school, binge drink, commit a violent crime, and/or […]

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Toothbrush Toolbox

Quality Dad Time: Try Brushing Your Teeth Together

Is getting your little one to brush their teeth a never-ending battle? How is your childrens dental health and are you brushing long enough? Growing up, I had the the pleasure of visiting the dentist like most children however; along side the dentist was the assistance of my mother. My mother was a dental assistant […]

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Stranger Danger

Talking to Your Kids About Strangers

Its very difficult for children to fully understand that people might actually want to cause harm to them. This darker world doesn’t exist as part of their reality until they are much older in life. Leverage existing things in their life such as villains in their cartoons or stories to help explain that there is […]

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