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Inspiration and Deals for Wife Gifts

I assume that all Husbands have as difficult as time as I do finding gifts for their wives. The quality of the gift is weighed by the amount of thought that went into it along with other factors. This requires some time and energy to come up with something good. When I finally come up with a decent idea I find it is often outside of my budget. Considering that I have to get my wife at least 4 gifts per year (Valentines Day, Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas) this can become even more challenging.

groupon gifts

You might want to ship stuff to work so your wife doesn’t know her gift came out of this box…

Lately I’ve been turning to Groupon to help me be my best. Groupon has a whole section on their site called Groupon Goods. Groupon Goods has everything from jewelry, clothing, electronics, handbags, and accessories. Browsing through often jogs my memory about something my wife said she has been needing or wanting and everything is on super discount. Anything over $25 has free shipping and returns are mega easy.

Groupon local also makes it easy to find a new restaurant for our next night out or a good deal on a night out at a nearby downtown or mountain hotel or resort. Exploring new restaurants and activities is something my wife and I like to do and somehow she doesn’t mind that I didn’t pay full price.

Groupon has a great mobile app for phones and tablets which makes it easy to search or browse as well as track shipping.

Next time you need a gift logon and start browsing. Of course if the big day is tomorrow you can’t wait for something to be shipped. What is your best last minute idea?

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One Response to Inspiration and Deals for Wife Gifts

  1. Rose Peters October 8, 2014 at 11:07 pm #

    Jacob your ideas are very interesting. thanks for them.

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