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Everstryke Match – Always Strikes – Never Dies

The Everstryke match is an impressive tool. I recently purchased 4 online due to the low cost. When they came in the mail they had a single sheet of instructions that were very simple to follow. Essentially, fill the container 3/4 full with lighter fluid. Wait about 10 minutes for the wick to soak. Pull out the “match” and strike it on the side of the tool. Blow out the flame when finished and replace into the tool.

Everstryke matchThere are many things I like about this simple device. Here I will highlight some of the features for me.

The tool is waterproof. If it is submerged the wick and the lighter fluid is protected. When you take it out of the water you can unscrew the match and strike it on the tool and it will light without issue.

The tool is small. Smaller than your average lighter this doesn’t take up much space in your survival kit, purse, pocket, or car’s glove box. It has a convenient keychain attached so you can clip it onto the outside of your bag or attach to your keychain if you wish.

It will last forever. Occasionally you may have to refill with fluid but even that should be relatively infrequently.

It is very affordable. Essentially you just pay shipping. Although I should warn you that the company selling these is going to be sending you a lot of ongoing email after the sale to recommend other products. If you don’t like the ongoing messaging you can always unsubscribe.

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