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picky eaters advice

Confessions of a Former Picky Eater

The friend with whom I was having lunch shared his own story if being a picky eater as a child and how he has grown into a healthy and functioning adult (something I’m of course paranoid my son will never be). No matter how hard and stressful their eating is making your life, do not […]

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founding fathers lessons for our kids

Teaching our Family the American Story

Not everyone on this planet lives in a free country. Some governments control their people and don’t allow the people who live there to decide where they want to live, what they want to do, and who they want to be. America was created on the fundamental principle of freedom.

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Family Fun

The Power of Family Fun and Games

Children’s brains develop rapidly during their early years. Children are constantly learning about the world around them and their brains are making important connections that will help them be successful as they grow older. Preschoolers are expanding their skills and abilities by trying new things, testing boundaries and asking questions about everything! They are developing […]

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