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Dad Delivers Son At Interstate Roadside

There is nothing more motivating in life than becoming a first-time Father. There are several momentous events that you will always remember in life, but none like the vivid details of the emotions felt on the day your small infant first entering this world. I would like to recognize a local dad here in Colorado […]

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Craft Project For Dad

Kids and dads making cool stuff: It’s a dynamic trio that book publishers are finally noticing. Evidence: Scott Bedford’s “Made by Dad: 67 Blueprints for Making Cool Stuff” (Workman); and Mike Adamick’s “Dad’s Book of Awesome Projects” (F + W Media), both new this year. Bedford, who blogs at and writes a column for […]

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The Manly Argument for Gardening

I can think of a lot of reasons why I shouldn’t do any gardening. Beyond it being generally considering a female oriented activity I’m also a busy guy as most dads generally are. Being outside a few times a week to water, weed, prune, plant, or harvest just doesn’t really appeal to me.

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Stranger Danger

Talking to Your Kids About Strangers

Its very difficult for children to fully understand that people might actually want to cause harm to them. This darker world doesn’t exist as part of their reality until they are much older in life. Leverage existing things in their life such as villains in their cartoons or stories to help explain that there is […]

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How To Install Training Wheels

This week at the local thrift store, I found a deal on a couple of bikes for my girls. It was easy to tell that the bikes at one point had come prefabricated with designer training wheels and hardware. The only remnant of these training wheels were the leftover hardware still on the bike…

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Dad Video of the Week

So you want to be a better dad? This cute little girl has just the right recommendations for you to improve your skills. Sometimes as fathers, we tend to complicate things when usually the answers are so very simple. Kids always say things just the way they are. As cute as the video is, the emotions really […]

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Matthew Slater

Meet the Dad Behind the Blog

Hello, my name is Matthew Slater, I am the dad behind the blog. I have never hosted a blog before but now that I have found a topic so important to me I am grateful to launch this blog with the help of JP Squared.  I would like to wish my dad and all the […]

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