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Get outside and exercise

Fathers Teach, Guide, And Exercise

As a parent, your exercise routine is likely fulfilled by chasing down your child on a daily basis. However, fatherhood comes with the additional concern of making sure your young one is staying fit as well. An active child is usually running, jumping or climbing. Though these can be worrisome activities for parents, it’s important […]

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biking as a family

What Does It Mean to Have a Family Culture of Fitness

I don’t know that a family has to have a “thing” that they do together that is healthy. More important is just creating a culture where activity and fitness are important. I think that as parents and as fathers we have a lot to do with that. Here are a few final thoughts along those […]

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Toothbrush Toolbox

Quality Dad Time: Try Brushing Your Teeth Together

Is getting your little one to brush their teeth a never-ending battle? How is your childrens dental health and are you brushing long enough? Growing up, I had the the pleasure of visiting the dentist like most children however; along side the dentist was the assistance of my mother. My mother was a dental assistant […]

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