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Tony Dungy's Favorite Peyton Manning Dad Story

Tony Dungy’s Favorite Peyton Manning Dad Story

Football is an all-american sport and definitely a favorite of mine. It is fun to love them and it is fun to hate them however hidden from the cameras and the media, is an athlete’s family. Growing up in the suburbs just outside of Denver, I had the opportunity of knowing several professional athletes and […]

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Flood Insurance is Not A Basic Part of Homeowners Insurance

Floods often accompany other natural disasters such as storms, early snow melts and rising rivers. Construction of roads, shopping malls, residential and industrial complexes reduces the land’s natural ability to absorb water, thus increasing the runoff and risk of flooding. Yet, about 25-percent of all flood insurance claims come from outside of high-risk areas.

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04102007HomeinventoryAJC100 copy 2

Home Inventory: How to Take One and Why Do You Need One

In addition to helping you prepare for a natural disaster or burglary a professional home inventory will also give you an estimated value of your own personal property. This can be a great tool in estate/financial planning. The total estimated value of your personal property plays a part of your total net worth.

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House in Winter

How to Winterize Your Home

As winter approaches and temperatures begin to drop, it is important to prepare your home for the cold months that lie ahead. Preparing in advance may save you money, time, work and stress later. Follow these steps to prepare your home for winter.

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747 Dad

Dad Builds Boeing 737 Cockpit In His Kid’s Bedroom

                You were able to build a train set in your kids room? How simple. When you are ready to step it up a bit and really build something special, I recommend building an actual 747 cockpit. Let me introduce to you Laurent Aigon, a father in France […]

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3 Ways To Be Remembered As The Best Dad Ever

I’ve come to realize that my highest priority goals in life are to have a very happy marriage (I’m 7 years in and couldn’t be happier), and children that think of me as the best dad ever. I’m still learning, but I have a few tips you can implement right away that will certainly have […]

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fire alarm

Building A Family Emergency Kit

Recently parts of our country have suffered from flooding, wildfires, and other natural disasters that have driven people from their homes. It is along those thoughts that I wanted to share some great videos that talk about building a family emergency kit. These short and helpful videos outline many of the important things you need […]

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